Social Networking Sites For Business Is The Next Big Thing

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Most people spend hours on social networking sites to stay in touch with friends. However for Joy Parohinog, devoting long hours to those things is for business. Her work is to check her accounts online to ensure orders from the woman’s customers.

By day Parohinog will be the director of the Institutional Linkages Office at De La Salle University in Dasmarinas, Cavite . Yet during breaks along with other free time, she deals with her own virtual buy online Bazaar, promoting it mostly on Multiply website.

Online Bazaar sells a number of goods on the Internet, including shoes, bags, clothing, books, health, attractiveness and wellness items, toys and other products. Last year when the woman’s business was just a year old, Parohinog was recognized as “seller of the month” by for her web shop, the local version of EBAY.

I had a great deal of stuff that was just laying lazily at home,” Parohinog mentioned. “That is why I started a garage sale, and then [used] text and email brigades to promote my stuff. The current technology just provided me an opportunity to discover other income generating interests while I work regular.”

She asserted she has a knack for marketing and also selling. Parohinog added that they also deals well with people, even individuals she does not realize.

Even though she simply works on her enterprise part-time during breaks, your woman said she makes about P3,000 to P5,000 a month.

Actually, Parohinog is just one of the thousands of Filipinos who have parttime firms that use social networking sites. Besides Multiply, the other well-liked sites include Myspace . com, Facebook and Friendster. All of them have attracted countless users around the world — including a number of entrepreneurs just like Parohinog.

According to a 07 research article posted on the website of the Diary of Computer-Mediated Communication, a huge selection of social networking sites exist offering all sorts of features as well as other offerings. For example, numerous sites incorporate fresh information and conversation tools, such as mobile phone connectivity, blogging, photo and video-sharing capabilities along with other features that allow members to sell or industry goods.

Most web sites support the maintenance of pre-existing social networking sites and some are commonly utilized to put up or market a business online and which made the Multiply site popular. Increase is a blog site which is famously and usually used by people, especially teenagers, who sells or trade products through online.

According to a study posted on, Multiply founder Peter Pezaris said that out of 12.5 thousand subscribers, 3.5 million tend to be based in the Philippines . This individual added that the Philippines is the second-largest market for Grow in the world, after the Usa.
Online shops appear being a trendy and handy way for small business people to start an business without having to invest massive sums.

Multiply and other social networking sites have simplified the process of starting a company. An entrepreneur just has to create an account, after which allow his or her creativeness to take over. Several sites allow members to custom design their pages, making them popular with their intended clients.

For example, Parohinog added music in her business homepage to ensure that people wont get bored browsing on her web site. Some would developed it with personalize photos.

Trendy shirts, cool sneakers, stylish accessories, imported totes and dresses are simply some of the basic items that are sold online.

Parohinog asserted the good thing about online shop will be “you dont need to maintain an actual shop and personnel to showcase your product or service. You just need a computer, an Internet connection, a camera, plus some extra time and you are ready to go.”

“You also get to grow your network as well as meet a lot of people which could help you in your other endeavors, such as local community work and outreach programs for which I am furthermore active with, she added.

The part-time businesswoman also considers personal actions on creating a web-based shop and initial, people must decide about what product to sell, that to sell them to, the way to market your product as well as the image that you would like to carry, and where to promote your products.

People must also decide on the amount of time they need to invest in their web store and how they would manage their schedule. Furthermore, they should make sure that they’ve got resources in place to make their selling effective and effective including camera, pc, connection to the internet, etc, Parohinog added.

Parohinog additionally made clear that making the particular transaction easier when it comes to mode of transaction would also profit the business become stable.

People who would want to start this kind of business must have a regular check of the site for achievable comments and queries that are coming from prospective customers and they should maintain good relations with their clients by providing items with high quality, outstanding conditions, and best and also honest service, mentioned Parohinog.

Carleen Manuel, a student and the other online shop owner, declared it is important that the items that someone who was about to start an online shop was unique the other that cant be found in an ordinary store.

Manuel is an 18-year aged seller of Lolita trend items like petticoats, high heeled-boots, skirts and aristocratic-looking tops inside cheap prices.

As lengthy as your products are distinctive, you wont find it hard to find customer, most of consumers that would go in this site are addicted to Japoneses craze and those in whose hobby was to sign up for cosplays [anime-related events], said Manuel.

Manuel said that the usual issues she encounters in her online shop is working with inconsistent costumer for example, a customer already confirmed yet backed out during the time that Manuel have marked that certain merchandise sold out or earmarked.

Manuel and Parohinog with other thousand of owners of web store are making shopping simpler to students and company people. Also, they may be standing as an motivation to those people who desire to start their own business.

Parohinog said that she is planning to add more essential however cheap products on her customer and potential clients.

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