How to Motivate Someone or Yourself to Quit Smoking

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You may have heard this a thousand times: cigarette smoking can kill you. You may have seen that on television, where people showcase shrunken lungs, shriveled aortas, and dead smokers who look more like sidewalk than they do individuals. You may have been told your body will break down due to the thousands of toxins in cigarette smoke.

You may have been told that you will expand weak and that you will be unable to exert your self physically with your improper habits. And you may have been informed against the dangers of most cancers, which can go hand in hand together with smoking. However, a person cant seem to find the power, let alone the determination, to quit. What do you do?

If you’re a smoker, then you may desire to look at the following tips to have yourself to quit.

– Scare tactics dont always work, but encouragement can. Look for a good friend who is an ex-smoker and get that friend for two things: first, request advice on what you should do in order to quit your routine fast and successfully and second, ask for that person to be your mentor. He or she can guide you on the road to quitting smoking permanently.

– Confer with your doctor about different ways that you can use to quit smoking cigarettes. You may be asked to consider nicotine patches, drink specific medications, or even move cold turkey, depending on how frequently you smoke. You might also do well to inquire about your doctor about treatment centers that you can check out and that you can afford.

– Look for rewards that can help you push yourself to quit. You can established personal records: say, if you cut you to ultimately smoking only a few cigarette sticks a day, then reward yourself simply by going out to watch a show, or by managing yourself at a elegant restaurant. Look for approaches to do negative support as well: give a lot of money to a charitable organization whoever cause you do not favour if you start rediscovering the reassurance of old habits.

Alternatively, if you want to motivate a friend to quit smoking, you might want to use the following tips.

– Be encouraging, not necessarily pushy. Tell your friend that you really appreciate the person not smoking, and tell that buddy that you will be there for him or her while he or even she is going through the discomfort of quitting smoking. Again, scare tactics dont constantly work, so dont fly in your friends face and also preach about the dangers of smoking cigarettes.

– Set a good example. Stopping smoking is just part and parcel of just living a good and decent lifestyle, so if you are smoking yourself, you have no to motivate someone else to quit smoking. Live an excellent lifestyle by training, going to the gym, eating healthy, and sleeping early. Show your friend that a good way of life can equal an excellent personality by being accommodating and kind. In this way, you show, and not simply tell your friend in which theres a great life waiting for him or her when she or he quits smoking.

– When your friend begins smoking again, avoid being confrontational. If its the first time which its happened, talk to your buddy and encourage them to quit. If it happens more than once, learn to ignore your friend as well as walk away, in effect showing him or her that you dont care for them unless they care on their own first.

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  1. Paul July 3, 2013 at 1:19 am Reply

    I am attempting to slim down And quit smoking simultaneously, however i get these massive urges for food and smoking every occasionally, how do you cope with this?

  2. Chieko January 4, 2014 at 3:54 pm Reply

    I am in the finish from the first pack of Yaz oral contraceptives. The sales brochure that arrived using the pills states that cigarette smoking is harmful for ladies who’re over 35 years of age. I am 21 and that i smoke just a little under 1 pack of really light cigarettes. So I’m wondering, how harmful is smoking within my situation?

  3. Emmie May 19, 2014 at 8:40 pm Reply

    I’m 18 and that i have smoked socially since i have involved 16.. (with buddies or maybe I received my on the job some I’d on my own) Although not consistently. Now that i’m 18 I’ve been smoking every single day.. a minimum of 2 each day.. ok maybe three each day. Sometimes only one each day, and when I skip each day I Truly crave one!!! Unhealthy part is I’ve bronchial asthma!!! And That I actually want to stop, but simultaneously I’d rather not stop because Personally i think good doing the work, the nicotine high. ( I recieve dizzy, also it relaxes me) Sooo… can there be something which may help me? I have come across the electronic cigarette? Is the fact that bogus? Or perhaps is it worth considering?

    I’ve been carrying this out for around two days so Not every that lengthy however i KNOW my personality is addictive and it’ll continue (MY mother and sister are people who smoke)

  4. Barbra June 13, 2014 at 11:07 am Reply

    hello i’m attempting to stop smoking cold poultry

    it really is hard! i keep cheating and that i seem like failing. i’m so prepared to quit however i cant appear to simply brush-off the urges i’d just eat since i heard that actually works however when i eat an excessive amount of among the finest to smoke cos im so full so idk how to proceed lol

    does anybody have good cold poultry tips

    i’m really trying however i no longer can do it… personally i think so weak minded

    any assistance will be appreciated

  5. Reyna June 13, 2014 at 4:20 pm Reply

    Been smoking for four years and I am prepared to quit, hate the smell, feeling, ect. My gf stopped and lots of my buddies have too therefore it is just more inconvinent to smoke now than ever before.

    I’m enticed to test the patch, however i wanted to be aware what everybody else did? I attempted cold poultry before also it did not work, I had been smoking again within 4 days!

    Any assistance is much appreciated,

    Thanks – Dom.

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