Beware of Internet Lottery Scams

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Lots of people every day are being fooled by Internet sweepstakes scams. The initial make contact with, which comes to the email address, will tell you that you’ve won a large amount of money. They are going to ask you if you want this money and if so to be able to fill out a form along with your name, address, phone number etc., so that they can get in touch to get you your money. Then they ask you to be certain to utilize the reference number which comes along with your letter. This is achieved to help them keep the scam straight so they realize which scam they’re pulling on which particular person. They are not only after money, a number of them are after enough personal data that they will try to steal your identity.

When they have received a first get in touch with back from their intended victim those running internet lottery scams will make their next move. They will compliment you again as well as tell you that once you have sent them the necessary charges they will send you your winnings. People who have undergone hard times, are out of work, or just want to have a chance to make life a little easier too often fall for these kinds of good luck scams. They ought to understand that in real lotteries there aren’t any fees. They send you the winnings and you set up to pay the taxes. That is what happens in authentic conditions no matter what country you live in. The fraudsters will claim that the particular fees must pay with regard to bank transfers, legal fees to prepare the files, insurance or some other false reason. They will even ask you to pay the courier fees to have the verify sent. Do not do it!

Folks are surprised when they carry out receive a check through these kinds of internet lottery ripoffs. Sometimes they do, but the thing to understand is that the check is both forged or taken so either way you get nothing. They may send a forged verify, or money order, so that you show it to everyone and convince others that they are actual. It helps them to catch other victims. The actual scary part the following is that you could be arrested for cashing a counterfeit check or money order. Think about it, how can you win any lottery that you in no way entered

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  1. Casey March 27, 2013 at 8:14 am Reply

    “United kingdom NATIONAL LOTTERY” Add sender to Contacts To: info@lottery.orgContact Mr.John Manley for that claim of £891,934.00 pounds,youremail mounted on our ballot game,within our MONTHLY PROGRAM, that you’ve to supply yourNames,Address,Age,Occupation,Tel, Country Send to:

    could it be ture or otherwise?

  2. Leon July 6, 2013 at 9:01 pm Reply


    JOB REF: VLBC 20/0096

    Missebo 04 British petroleum 551,


    République du Benin



    It is really an Official contract/success document regarding the prosperity of SUPERVISOR inside your Application, which we processed and confirmed as perfect.

    Within the attachment, you will notice the state Soft Copy of the

    contract/success Document, the Letter provides you with all of the particulars

    and together with your offer, as well as you’ll have the data

    from the Mind, Benin Department of Stay permit, who you’ll have to

    contact for the Stay Permit and Official notification from the soft

    copy of the documents.

    Note: All of the soft/hard Copies of Contract/success Documents continues to be

    forward in your account towards the global travel agent, and you’ll

    refer to them as with this particular Application Reference VLBC 20/0096

    You’re forwarded to contact the below Traveling Officer that has been

    hired to consider proper care of the preparation from the traveling papers of

    all VLBC employees.

    Kindly contact the Travel officer with below contact:

    Direct Communications Unit

    2 Rue p l’Eglise



    TEL: +229-9759-9402


    Hr Person: MR. ARMAND AGBO


    Refer to them as immediately and obtain your Stay Permit Visa from their store, and

    don’t neglect to Quote your work Reference number when you’re getting in touch with

    them.Also you need to be reacting fast in order to get together the stated




    Mind OF HUMAN Assets





  3. Tabatha July 31, 2013 at 4:33 am Reply

    i’ve recieved a mail as following.

    could it be a trap or real???

    antone from england help if this sounds like legitimate??

    Dear Champion ,

    You’ve been removed a champion from the YAHOO/MSN and Home windows LIVE Award Worldwide program. I’m happy tell you which i have submitted your Original Certificate as well as your Licensed bank cheque towards the courier company. Find underneath the particulars from the courier company.


    CONTACT ADDRESS:9 Arkwright Road Colnbrook, Slough,


    Hr Person: MR.BRAIN TAYLOR.


    TELEPHONE: +447031982907

    You’re adviced to transmit the courier company a mail for their current email address for his or her courier price of delivering your treasure towards the payment center.. When getting in touch with them,you’re to incorporate this order number as the subject..Make you happy are adviced to create lower an order number and save it.

  4. Timmy September 13, 2013 at 6:47 pm Reply

    I had been selling my bike for 200 dollars on craig’s list plus some guy all across the nation wished to buy it. this man’s title is steve chambers. he sent us a a cheque for 2200 dollars rather and was adamant that his secretary designed a mistake. he explained to wire the main difference to him in Florida. used to do along with a couple days later my banking account was overdrafted!!! this person is really a fraudster!! so what can I actually do to have a refund??? the financial institution customer support stated that since i have cashed it, they cannot pay me. I am so nervous. Must I visit the police???

  5. Yung November 3, 2013 at 12:33 am Reply

    Yahoo Customer Support

    Ref: yahoo United kingdom/LAX2462/RAVJ68

    Batch: 0190/06-07/jv3213


    We the yahoo family happily announce for you the draw from the YAHOO United kingdom-LOTTO/ WINNING Lottery Worldwide programs held around the 30th of DECEMBER, 2006 In SOUTHAMPTON U . s .-KINGDOM.

    Your e-mail address mounted on ticket number

  6. Kandy December 10, 2013 at 5:14 am Reply

    can you be sure when there’s scam mail or chance exactly how should we make sure and never be taken in by internet scamers

  7. Darrick December 22, 2013 at 6:22 am Reply

    This can be a Nigerian Scam, did anybody available have this letter?

  8. Cleotilde December 26, 2013 at 7:55 am Reply

    Lottery wins and also the bank says that I must pay a sizable amount of cash as tax prior to it being launched.Just how much tax will the govt. charges you ?

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